The Insomniac

Cult Radio

In-depth interview with Eddy Salazar as he discusses his transition from theatre, working with Danny Trejo & Gary Busey, difficulties on set, and much more. Includes clips from "The Insomniac"!  

Westside Radio

Eddy Salazar discusses the making of "The Insomniac", how the idea came about, and much more. 

ABC 7 News

ABC covers the Dances with Films Festival. Director Monty Miranda makes an appearance on the red carpet opening night. 


Eddy Salazar discusses the development process, how director Monty Miranda got on board, and premiering at the Chinese Theatres.

Rich Girl Network

Joy Parris interviews Eddy Salazar (John Figg) and Spencer Berger (Andrew Booker) at the World Premiere of "The Insomniac".  

Skip Bolden 

Skip interviews Eddy Salazar right after the premiere of "The Insomniac" and shares his thoughts on screening at the prestigious TCL Chinese Theatres.