The Insomniac

Stan Harrington

Stan Harrington, originally from Melbourne, Australia, is a multi-award winning Producer, Writer, Actor and Director. He is the author of A Guerilla in the Midst, a book on the art of no-budget filmmaking, published in 2007 by the Sundance Media Group and released at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in April of the same year. You can see him in The Craving Heart, Bred in the Bone, Creed, Small Days, Sinatra Club, among many others.

In THE INSOMNIAC, Stan Harrington plays Officer Polack, a matter-of-fact cop in charge of John's case (along with his partner, Officer Flores). Usually playing bad cop to Flores's good cop, Pollack is in no hurry to solve John's case. 

Alimi Ballard

Alimi Ballard has starred in several television shows such as Loving (Frankie Hubbard), Arsenio (Matthew), Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Quizmaster Albert), Dark Angel (Herbal Thought), Numb3rs (David Sinclair), NCIS (Special Agent Gayne Levin), and lent his voice to The Super Hero Squad Show (Falcon). He can also be seen in movies Deep Impact, Men of Honor, and Fast Five.

In THE INSOMNIAC, Alimi Ballard plays Officer Flores, a tough cop in charge of John's case (along with his partner, Officer Pollack), after John's house gets robbed. Usually the more mild-mannered of the two officers, Flores is occasionally the subject to some of John's uncharacteristic bullying.


Romina is an American actress, author, and producer. Her love of acting began in theatre with performances that include "Steel Magnolias", "Skin of Our Teeth", and "Stop That Villain!". Romina made her screen acting debut by starring as Connie in the short film "Precious Moments". Romina has co-starred on such TV shows as "Jonas" with the Jonas Brothers, "Hannah Montana", "Make It or Break It", "Saving Grace", and "90210".

Aside from her theatre work and TV appearances, Romina has acted in such films as "Stealing Roses", "Pretty Rosebud", "UNKNOWNS", "Wild Child", "You", "Joshua Tree", and "Why Am I Doing This?" Romina is not only enveloped in the world of film, but she has also written award winning poetry and is a published author with "The Freedom of My Eyes", and a children's novel, "Ika Zingly & the Peaklet Cave."

In THE INSOMNIAC, Romina plays Amy Clover, John's secretary. Amy is appointed as John's new secretary after receiving his promotion. She is a young, eager secretary, who is more peppy than anyone should be with a 9-to-5 job.

Dante Swain

Dante Swain is an American actor who can be seen in Charleston, The Average American, When I Was King, and Spring Break '83, among many others. He has also been in several Conan skits as Louis Hubbard.

In THE INSOMNIAC, Dante Swain plays Frank, one of John's friends and coworkers. Along with Andrew, Frank watches John's self-destruction and is always there to lend a helping hand.

Amy jo Traicoff

Amy Jo Traicoff is a theatre and film actress who has performed in films such as Hidden Agenda, The Palindrome Affair, The Women, The Great Buck Howard, and The Perfect Sleep, among others. She played T'Pera in Star Trek: Voyager and is a lead in the highly successful Funny or Die short Table Manners.

Amy Jo Traicoff plays Winnie Lemont in THE INSOMNIAC. Winnie is the soccer mom of the perfect Lemont family. She radiates a wholesome beauty that will never fade. As much as she tries to befriend her new neighbor John and his girlfriend Martha, John's increasingly odd actions make that seem impossible.

Steve Agee

Steve Agee is an American actor and comedian, best known for his supporting role as Steve Myron on the Comedy Central series "The Sarah Silverman Program" and former writer of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Steve Agee plays the mysterious Gun Dealer in THE INSOMNIAC. The Gun Dealer (who probably doesn’t even know his own name!) is a rugged street guy who can get you anything at anytime from seemingly anywhere… and isn't afraid to tell you!

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