The Insomniac


A successful young professional vows to remain awake until he captures the criminal responsible for breaking into his house in this tense psychological thriller. John Figg has a great career and a gorgeous fiancée. When he inherits a nice house in a quiet neighborhood, he finally starts to feel like his life is coming together. Trouble arises, however, when John's house is burglarized, and the thieves steal one of his most prized possessions.

Enraged, John becomes convinced that the crime was perpetrated by someone he knows, and that they're preparing to strike again. When the police prove to be less than helpful, John swears off sleep as he begins obsessively scrutinizing every little move of his friends, colleagues, and even his increasingly frightened fiancée. Meanwhile the more time John spends awake, the faster he begins to unravel.

THE INSOMNIAC is inspired by a true story. Eddy Salazar caught someone breaking into his house after a scheduled meeting was canceled. That night, Salazar didn't sleep at all, thinking about what could've happened if he, in fact, went to the meeting. For the next two weeks, he kept waking up in the middle of the night after hearing regular ambient noises, which led to writing the screenplay for the movie.

THE INSOMNIAC has been nominated for almost a dozen film festival awards, including Best Feature Film (Great Lakes International Film Festival, Indie Fest USA, Action on Film) and Best Screenplay (Breckenridge Festival of Film). The film is available now on all major digital and DVD retailers, including iTunes, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more.